Quality Assurance

We are aware that the products we provide play a direct role in improving human health. We accept the extra responsibility created by this fact. In this sense, we believe that creating a strong chain of operation from the beginning and careful progress of the process is the key point.


Specialized Wholesales Pharma Sollutions

Mentor Pharma specializes in supplying specific and hard-to-find medicines for oncological, immunological and orphan diseases.

Mentor Pharma as a trusted global pharmaceutical wholesaler serves distributors, local wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies. In this way, it creates a bridge between pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients all over the world.

It specializes in supplying and exporting all kinds of drugs, including specific and hard-to-find drugs for oncological, immunological and orphan diseases. Mentor Pharma is a Turkey-based company with 25 years of experience

Cold Chain Logistics Solutions

Located at the center of the supply chain, Mentor Pharma creates a worldwide logistics network between you and the customer. That’s where you’ll find us

It is a supply chain, also called the cold chain, that includes cargoes that go through end-to-end temperature control through shipping. An uninterrupted cold chain is a series of storage efforts that maintain a certain temperature range (usually within 2-8 degrees brackets) to transport a sensitive product such as pharmaceutical drugs and biological materials.

Orphan Drugs

It is used in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of rare diseases that may have chronic consequences and cause permanent physical disability. Drugs with a smaller market share than other therapeutic drugs in the industry are called “orphan drugs”.

As we Mentor Pharma, we aim to continue to make a valuable contribution to the medical research of rare diseases through our core competency.

These diseases cover a very limited patient population. It can be said that pharmaceutical manufacturers avoid making production in this field because research and development is long and costly. The costs of research and development activities required for these drugs have high costs after they are placed on the market. It is difficult for those offering these drugs to fully recover their investment.

Medical Supplies and Emergancy Kits

As a leading company among Turkish Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, we offer medical supplies and equipment at competitive prices in international market. It is included but not limited to healthcare institutions, clinics and hospitals.

With our proven supply chain capabilities, it also enables us to deliver medical supplies through specialized transport options for cold chain products.

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